Welcome to Juliette et Felicity

Since I was a young child, there were certain things I knew deep down that I was meant to do. Being a fashion designer resonated within me in a profound way, and it felt like an undeniable part of my identity. It just simply felt right.

This passion has shaped my life's journey in the world of fashion. I truly believe that I was destined to tread this creative road, and I wholeheartedly embrace it. There's a sense of purpose and meaning behind my attraction to this realm, and I am committed to exploring it fully.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have discovered this calling early on and to have nurtured it over time. This journey has demanded dedication, perseverance, and an unshakeable belief in the transformative power of creativity. Every step I take reminds me that this isn't just a career; it's a profound calling. My purpose lies in creating and innovating, breathing life into fabrics and designs, and making a significant impact through the artistry of fashion.

I am grateful for the path that has led me to where I am today, and for the chance to share my vision with the world. Juliette et Felicity is more than a brand to me; it's an extension of my very being, a reflection of my deepest passions. I invite you to join me on this incredible journey as we embrace the beauty and significance of fashion together.

Forefront of the Fashion Compas

The memories of my first dress design are still vivid, as if the sketch was done just yesterday. It was back in 1990, an era filled with pastels, puffs, and pleats that defined the fashion trends. At that time, I was living on the Gold Coast, having recently moved with my family from New Caledonia. The memory takes me back to one of my art classes in eighth grade, where I unleashed my creativity by sketching a tight-fitting little black dress. The design featured shoestring straps and an incredibly short hemline, although the proportions were admittedly a bit off. The model I drew showcased a petite waist sharply contrasted by an exaggerated backside, much like the popular influencers dominating our Instagram feeds today. Looking back, one could say I possessed a unique sense of fashion ahead of my time.

As I gazed at my artistic creation, I sensed that destiny had knocked on the door of my future career. From that defining moment onward, I became resolute in my desire to craft beautiful garments. Brimming with pride, I wasted no time sharing my newfound passion with my mother during our family dinner. However, my mother's response carried a firm stare and an unapologetic tone. "To become a fashion designer, you need to possess talent," she stated. Those unyielding words seemed to shatter my childhood dreams, as if they had flown out the kitchen window forever. Little did I know then that this setback would only be temporary.

Fashion's dream endured.

My dreams of becoming a fashion designer were abandoned and left untouched. Listening to my parents' advice, I made the decision to pursue studies in finance, business, and IT at Griffith University, believing that this path would lead to a more financially rewarding career. After dedicating six years to intense studying, I finally graduated and entered the world of IT, quickly climbing the corporate ladder by taking on administrative and managerial roles. However, my deep-rooted passion for fashion never faded away.

Despite the sceptical remarks shared during my family dinner many years ago, I made a pivotal decision to stop running away from my dream. In 2000, I took a leap of faith and enrolled in the highly esteemed East Sydney Fashion Design Studio, pursuing a Certificate IV in Fashion Design and Industry Practices. Securing a place in this fiercely competitive institution felt like a stroke of luck, considering the 800 applicants vying for only 60 spots. This marked the beginning of a six-year journey, balancing part-time studies with full-time work as I set my sights on a promising future in the fashion industry.

Shortly after enrolling, fate brought my now-husband into my life. As time went on, we decided to start a family together. Consequently, my career aspirations took a backseat, though a small flame of fashion study continued to burn on the sidelines. It wasn't until 2014 that I finally took an active role in designing my own pieces, refining my unique aesthetic through the teachings of the exclusive Sydney studio. Describing my vision and approach, I can best summarise it as a flirty, embellished, and natural style that often merges two contrasting ideas into one cohesive theme.

Sustainability requires thoughtful progression.

I incorporate traditional artisan techniques into my fashion design and manufacturing process, infusing my bespoke garments with a sense of heritage and craftsmanship. The rationale behind my stylistic choices is two-fold. Firstly, I am captivated by the intention and craftsmanship inherent in handmade creations, a rarity in today's disposable fashion landscape. This can be witnessed in the meticulous handiwork, personalised embellishments, and the utilisation of organic dyes derived from plants and flowers in my designs. Secondly, I prioritise the life cycle of my garments, striving to establish an environmentally friendly label that employs natural fibers and haberdashery to minimise ecological impact. This fundamental philosophy serves as the driving force behind my brand.

In the design process, I meticulously consider the longevity of each garment. I aspire for my pieces to be cherished and enduring. In line with this vision, my future plans encompass offering client repairs through a bespoke atelier service, propelling Juliette et Felicity towards the path of becoming a fully eco-friendly and ethically conscious brand. This initiative will further reinforce my dedication to sustainability, a principle that has already been deeply ingrained in the brand's narrative.

30-year vision blossoming.

As the sun sets on my day as a designer, I find immense pleasure when a stylish woman adores my creations just as passionately as I do, and chooses to acquire a cherished piece crafted from the depths of my soul. Through Juliette et Felicity, my aim is to establish a bond with kindred spirits, women who value exquisitely tailored attire, recognise the artistry behind it, and aspire to make a positive impact on the world by supporting environmentally sustainable and ethically conscious products. The launch of Juliette et Felicity stands as a testament to the 30-year vision that has finally found its wings in the realm of fashion.